Shadow: world’s latest video game streaming platform!

Shadow: world’s latest video game streaming platform!

If you prefer PC gaming versus console gaming but love the comfort of your ouch, then you might like what is coming. Blade has just released a great video game streaming platform, the Shadow!

Hooked to your TV, but not a console!

Lately I have been thinking about dumping my desktop for a console. I spend way to much time in front of a computer screen during my day to day work, that I wanted a change. The PS4 was a a big failure, and I am not buying any other console soon.

However, I really miss laying in the couch, gaming. Gaming with friends, and so on. I have been tempted to buy a Steam console and almost ordered a Dell Alpha (I actually did buy it, but cancelled my order a few hours later). More on this in another post. Let’s get back to video game streaming.

Shadow is a promise of real computer gaming in a small box, without having to worry about the hardware, or having the right GPU for a said game. But how can they achieve that?

There is something in the wire

Like any streaming technology, everything is about wires. With Shadow, Blade will rent you a “remote gaming computer” consisting of Windows 10, 256GB SSD, 6 threads of a Xeon CPU with 12 GB of RAM and a Geforce GTX 1070. As of today, this is a GREAT config, allowing you to play any games in full HD with best (aka ultra) graphics details and even higher resolution, like 2K for sure with a great level of details, and even some 4K when tweaking the options. The only bottleneck will come from the technology itself, the wire!

Ok, but how much is it?

Let’s talk about price for a second. The longer you subscribe to the service, the cheaper. So, if you subscribe for 1 year, it will cost you 30€ a month. For that price, you’ll receive for “free” the client box. This is only device you will need (apart from controllers, games and your internet connection). If the box has any problem, they’ll replace it for free (as long as you didn’t smash it voluntarily). Peace of mind for 30 bucks a month. That’s 360eur a year.. which is about the price of the sole graphic card.

Shadow, the video game streaming made real?

As of today, it is too early to say if it is gonna work or not. Price wise, it is not cheap but definitely affordable.

Unfortunately, it’ll be VERY dependent on outside factors. Those factors being not easy changeable, being :

  • Your connection speed
  • Blade’s compression algorithms
  • ISP throttling

If you are lucky enough, then this might the beginning of a new era in video game. I will be sure to try the service as soon as it becomes available, probably around March 2017.

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